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The library is the back bone of a college or university’s academic environment. Not only is the actual physical library one of the main spots where students go to get work done, it also provides a wide range of information and services.

The Greenwich University Library is designed to meet the needs of students and faculty and to provide support for the curriculum. We have increased the number of books in each department to a considerable extent. We also have the facility of Book Bank. Students who cannot afford to buy expensive books get to study used ones donated by students and faculty.

The University offers for its users:
  • Over 22,500 books/e-books.
  • 24 International Research Journals of at least Impact Factor of 1 and 25 National Research Journals.
  • Access to more than a million latest books and journals through HEC digital library.

Please use the following link to access HEC Digital Library:

HEC Digital Library
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