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A lot of educated young men and women lose sight of their goals by opting for careers they are not cut out for. We believe in exploring the potential in students and finding out what their aptitude and strengths are. On the basis of thorough analysis, the students are guided through the appropriate course of studies. We ensure the right course for the right person.

Our Academic Advisory Program is a part of these continuing efforts to provide academic counseling to our students. This program offers professional services to help students overcome problems, past and present, and gain self-understanding and direction with regard to their courses of study and career plans.

Our counselors assist all students with their academic needs, course planning, program selection, probation counseling as well as change of academic status. Apart from full-time Academic Advisers, faculty members also assist advisers, as they are closest to the students' requirements and problems, and can give them friendly, on-the-spot advice at all times.

Our scientific method provides students with an opportunity to discuss their plans, including academic plans, and it also provides a number of facilities, including the all-important job-searching skills, resume-writing, appearing for interviews, and teaching how to assess their aptitudes towards the end of their studies.

In the context of Pakistan in particular, career counseling is extremely important, so that students who do not have a clear idea about what career to choose are counseled in this regard. They must be guided towards acquiring an active and positive attitude towards their future in an environment which is becoming increasingly difficult and stressful.

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