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Fee Structure
Fee Structure: Mauritius Branch Campus

Undergraduate Program Fee (USD/Year) Discounted 1st Year (USD/Year)
Undergraduate tuition fee (level 100-400) 4,700 2,830
Registration fee (level-100-400) 85 85
Computer Lab / Research Support Facilities & Library Fee 215 215
Student Insurance Fee 215 215
Graduate Program Fee (USD/Year) Discounted 1st Year (USD/Year)
Graduate tuition fee (level 500) 5,600 3,365
Registration fee (level- 500) 125 125
Computer Lab / Research Support Facilities & Library Fee 215 215
Student Insurance Fee 215 215
  1. Admission Form Package is absolutely free.
  2. All students, new and already enrolled, must pay the fee at the time of registration. All payments to be made in bank. No payment will be accepted at campus.
  3. Financial obligation to Greenwich University must be cleared promptly: otherwise, students will not be allowed to continue studies or receive academic transcripts, etc.
  4. The above fee structure is subject to change without prior notice. Up–to–date information about fees will be posted by Admission Office before the beginning of each financial year/semester on the Notice Board.
  5. Fees will be refunded if visa is rejected.
  6. Fee will be charged on annual basis (for 03 semesters)
  7. Details of Administrative Fee for Transfer of Credits from other Institutions, Challenge Examination, Transcript / Graduation fee and other fee where applicable is available at the Bursar’s office.
  8. Fee to be submitted in the following Account:
For Local Mauritian Students For International Students
Account No 03181065540 Account No 9184172351
Account Type Current Account Type Current
Currency MUR Currency USD
IBAN MU86BKON0518003181065540000MUR IBAN MU68BKON0518009184172351000USD
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