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Academic Programs
Our spectrum of study program ranges from Certificates to Diploma Courses in versatile disciplines fitting the needs of current era while opting the best possible technology to deliver the knowledge and educate interactively.

'Banking Law & Practices
'Brand Management
'Business English
'Business Writing
'Change Management
'Communication Skills
'Conflict Management
'Creativity and Innovation
'Crises Management
'Cyber and internet Marketing
'Documentary Production
'Documentary Vision
'Drama Production
'Editing & Desktop Publishing
'English Language Teaching (ELT)
'Export Marketing
'Editorial Feature & Column Writing
'Film and Media Production
'Film Generation and Movie Making
'Global Business Management
'International Advertising
'Interpersonal Skills
'Islamic Finance System
'Journalism (Print)
'Marketing Management
'Mass Media Development
'Mass Media in Pakistan
'Media Design
'Media Marketing
'Media Research
'News Writing
'Organizational Development
'Print and Electronic Media Writing
'Project Management
'Public Relations
'Radio Production
'Risk Management
'Sales Management
'Screen Writing
'Strategic Marketing
'Stress Management
'Supply Chain Management
'Taxation Management
' Video Production and Studio Production
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